Lower Right Back Pain

Lower right back pain is a kind of one sided lower back pain and an outcome of the imbalances in pelvic region. Lower right back pain is quite common among people that calling it an epidemic won’t be wrong and the number of people having such pain is increasing day by day. Like the other back pain, lower right back pain has some common reason as well. Here we are going to discuss some of these reasons.

Reasons and Severity

As lower right back pain is just a verity of lower back pain (the specialty is – here the lower back pain right side), the four fundamental factors are identical for it as well. These four factors are, weak muscle, tight muscle, joint movement and pelvic balance. The first three factors are the cause of pelvic imbalance and the final outcome is lower right back pain. The reason of your lower right back pain might not be so sever, for an example, continuing wrong way of sleeping, seating, standing or walking for long time may lead you to lower right back pain. Or some sever visceral problem like kidney infection may cause this kind of pain as well. Whatever reason, sever or not if you keep ignoring it and leave it untreated, any kind of lower back pain is sever which may even damage you spine! As it’s a one sided lower back pain, just like lower left back pain, it is getting steadily wore along with time. So, if your pain doesn’t ease quickly, go consult with a doctor without wasting any more time.

Types of Treatment

Traditional lower back pain treatment is the most common type treatment for lower right back pain. In traditional treatment they will focus on your pain rather than tending the reason. Pain relievers, cortisone injections, ultrasound treatment are used in traditional treatment. However traditional treatment just makes your problem worse because this kind of treatment helps you to forget your paint not rebalance the pelvic region. As a result the problem of lower right back pain remains untreated. So, if you truly want to get rid of this ‘lower right back pain’ problem – first you have to locate your spinal imbalance (necessary medical checkup will do it for you). This identification is usually done by ice/heat technique, acupressure and anti-inflammatory measurement. After locating the region of imbalance – you should step ahead for the proper treatment which will rebalance the faulty region.

It is best to avoid the pain from the beginning

Lower right back pain is quite a troublesome problem which may ruined all ease in your daily life. So, it’s to avoid it at the first place by changing some habit of yours. For example, sleeping on back, use right mattress, ensure proper height for chair and selecting chair with proper back support will save you from lower right back pain.