Lower Left Back Pain

The majority of population suffers from lower back pain and almost half of them face the nightmare of lower left back pain. There is verity of reasons that causes lower left back pain and here we are going to discuss about some common reasons among them. As lower left back pain is not a disease but symptom, some common health related issue like – kidney infection or muscle spasms creates lower left back pain. Even pregnancy is a major cause as well.

Type of lower back pain left side

As the reason varies, treatment for lower left back pain varies as well. So, whenever you experience lower left back pain, contact with a doctor before taking any initiatives or treatments. It is not wise to ignore back pain as small problem leads to a major spinal difficulty. Intensity of back pain is a major considerable criterion because all back pains do not have same intensity. Based on the reason – lower left back pain could be sharp or dull and continuous or occasional. Severity of pain is also categorized into acute to chronic. When the pain is in the acute stage it is usually short termed and disappear along with the disappearance of the reason. However, chronic pains continuous and quite troublesome as it lasts for weeks, months or perhaps years even after solving the root problem.

Causes of lower back pain

As we said earlier pregnancy is a common cause of lower left back pain. As the hormone changes during pregnancy and uterus starts to grow – the side effect of these two reveal as lower left back pain. The growth of uterus shifts the center of gravity of your body and weakens the abdominal muscles which create strain on lower back. This kind of lower left back pain is acute type and disappears with the birth of baby. Besides pregnancy, if you have a pulled diaphragm muscle it will cause pain to the lower back and causes lower back pain. There are sever causes as well like; cardiac or pulmonary issues and lower left back pain is just a symptom of these problems. So, it is very important to identify the reason for lower left back pain before treatment.

Effective treatment

After identify the reason patient should seek for the right treatment by following doctor’s instructions. Doctor may suggest you exercise (muscle stretches) or an antibiotic based on your problem. If your lower left back pain causes by kidney infection your doctor will prescribe an antibiotic. Or perhaps your lower left back pain is due to pregnancy, doctor will suggest you some light stretches to reduce your pain.